About VUE

The VUE research project, supported by the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, seeks to understand the transformative character of data visualization for research and communication within humanistic disciplines. The research questions that the VUE project aims to address include: How can data visualization best be used to assist the scholar in the pursuit of humanistic knowledge and inquiry? How can existing data and information visualization strategies be leveraged to generate humanistic insight and knowledge? Which new types of data visualization tools will best lead to innovative approaches to humanistic inquiry?

The VUE project will explore new ways of conducting research in light of the deluge of data in the humanities and social sciences. We believe this task cries out for imaginative thinking that stimulates connections in human narratives through the use of digital information. In a two-year project spanning a seminar series and a select number of research project test cases, VUE aims to create data visualization tools that are purpose-built to generate innovative approaches for humanistic inquiry. We envisage a new community of researchers within the humanities and social sciences who work to collaborate and create image-narratives for human connections in a way that fully exploits the capabilities of visualization software.